Welcome to Coyote Blu, a Southwest Bohemian boutique for fashionable men, women, and children! Lisa Burns, owner and proprietor, travels the byways and highways of Texas to find all of the latest fashions for customers. Lisa has gained a reputation for going above and beyond to find the types of items that customers are looking to buy. 

Whether you’re looking for something for an upscale party or a weekday business meeting, you will find it at our boutique. Every little detail counts and we offer a number of different styles and designs to fit every age, shape, and budget.

Along with our collection of unique jewelry and gifts, Coyote Blu offers a unique focus on Bohemian fashion and Texas trends that are just right for every occasion. Lisa’s taste is ever-changing, and the selection of new arrivals reflects that. Check back often for the latest items! 
Coyote Blu | Texas Boho Boutique

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